SC100PS Stencil cleaner (visszapattintható doboz)

Solvent for Cleaning Metallic Stencils during Printing Operations in Wipe Form.

STENCIL CLEAN wipes have specifically been developed to quickly and
cleanly remove solder paste, inks, flux and other stencil print materials. Available in pre-saturated lint free wipe form.

Features and advantages:

  • Versatile powerful cleaner for use on metals, PCBs, and electronic assemblies.
  • Swift drying leaving no residue
  • Environment-friendly with low odour and no ozone depleting substances
  • Lint free wipes.

ISC Stencil Clean

ISC Stencil Cleaner is a solvent blend that is designed to remove solder paste, uncured inks and paste flux from a stencil in a stencil cleaner machine. The ISC Stencil clean is compatible with Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Polyethylene, Polyproylene, and Polyesther. The ISC8020 is NOT compatible with Natural rubber, Butyl Rubber, EPDM and Polystyrene.

IPA/DI Törlőkendők

Solvent for Removal of Paste, Ink Stains and Residues, in Wipe Form.

IPA/DI wipes have specifically been developed to deal with common ink stains, residues and excess paste left during the screen printing process.
Its range of applications is vast, from bench wipe to stencil cleaning in
either fluid or wipe form. The rapid evaporation rate of IPA/DI wipes makes
it perfect for use in production environments.

Features and advantages:

  • Non-aggresive cleaner that is suitable for use on plastic or metal surfaces
  • Lint free wipes
  • Versatile cleaner disigned for general use in production facilities
  • Non-ozone depleting and CFC free
  • Swift evaporating without residue

ARW Ragasztóeltávolító kendők

Solvent for removal of uncured adhesives.

ADHESICE REMOVER wipes have specifically been developed to meet the demanding precision cleaning needs of high technology industries such as electronics and aerospace. It has proven to be effective in removing uncured adhesives in automated screen printers. It is also recommended as a suitable replacement for IPA, TCA MEK, acetone and CFC-based cleaners in hand wipes and no rinse applications.

Features and advantages

  • Versatile, powerful cleaner for use on metals, plastics and glass
  • Low surface tension allowing excellent wetting and penetration into constricted areas
  • Swift drying leaving no residue
  • Worker/Environment-friendly with low odour and no ozone depleting substances
  • Lint-free wipes


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