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SIEMENS Splice Tool

SIEMENS minőségi termék- Német gyártmányú SMD szalagtoldó és hozzá való splicing tape / toldó lemezkék.

XCST-PACK Komplett splicing station

Az alkatrészszalag folyamatos összekapcsolására használatos XCST-PACK.
8 - 72mm széles feeder tape összekapcsolására alkalmas. Paper & Emboss Double Carrier Tape. A komplett splicing station használata esetén 30% időmegtakarítás érhető el az ergonomikus használatnak köszönhetően.

Szeméttároló, ollótartó, tekercstartó, tapasztároló, magasság állítható, ergonomikus dizájn, ESD védelem.

XPSC-010 Splice Clip / Lemezkék (Frame Type)

A Paper és/vagy Emboss típusú alkatrészhordozók összekapcsolására használatos
- Using for connecting SMT carrier reel
- 20-Pitch/1-Frame Type
- 25-Frame(500 pitch)/1- Plastic Case
- 8-Plastic(4,000 Pitch) Case /1-Clip Box
- Universal & Unique Type
- Portable by the plastic case

XCST-010 Splice Tool / Alkatrészszalag toldó

- Összetűző típusú szalagtoldó
- Minden típusú SMT szalagra alkalmazható
- (Paper or Emboss Type Reel) connecting
- Ergonómikus használat
- Konnyű installáció a docking station-re (opció)
- A lemezkék egyszerű behelyezése
- Edzett acél anyag, minőség, tartósság

XUPT-010 Splice Tape Spender Box

Feature: Easy to attach & detach by magnetic type. Easy detachable sticker type on pocket base

XSTC-ESD Moving the trolley

Tulajdonságok: Könynen mozgatható; precíz munkavégzés és antistatikus védelem.

XEPS 020 Szalagvágó ollók

- cut out starting point of splice clip
- precisely cut out the margin of paper or Emboss carrier tape
- Kinds : L: 8mm-56(32)mm ) / S:8mm-24mm

T0193 Fuji splice tape

1) 8mm, cyan, 500pcs/roll or box
2) Suitable for SMT Fuji machine specially
3) With precise pitch spacing, using conveniently,
pre-cut length of tape
4) Operate easily, labor-saving; high accuracy and reliability

T0190 Panasonic Splice Tape

1) Available for 8 mm carrier tapes
2) Suited for SMT Panasonic machine only
3) High efficiently joining is accomplished without hutting off the machine
4) Uses two strips for cover tape splicing
5) Gap between each one: 1 mm
6) A special splicing solution for all kinds of feeder’s configuration, meets the machine requirement for thickness of connected tape
Style: T0190 A yellow, three pcs on one sheet
T0190 B yellow, four pcs on one sheet
T0190 C black, four pcs on one sheet

T0189 SMT Tapes with Clips

1) Available for 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 mm SMD tapes; 500 pcs box
2) Innovative design: one clip and one single splice tape in one strip
3) Easy to use, labor saving
4) Accurate and reliable connection
5) Simplifies management of all kind of splice materials

T0188 Tape with guide

1) Available for 8 mm SMD tapes
2) Innovative with guidance fixture
3) Easy work of joining end of two-carrier tape without any tool or fixture
4) 2 kinds: T0188 one and T0188 two
5) 500 pcs / boxes, low cost, high return
Style: T0188 A one yellow tape and black guide;
T0188 B two yellow tapes and black guide;
T0188 C one black tapes and black guide;
T0188 D two black tapes and black guide;
T0188 E two blue tapes and black guide;

T0187 Kapton Tape

1) Colors: mauve, red black
2) A high temperature polyimide tape that fully protects gold
finger contacts from molten solder during wave soldering
and hot air leveling
3) Polyimide film is currently the macromolecular compound with
the best combined properties and the highest heat resistance.
The width of roll can cut as client’s requirement

T0185 Cover Tape Extenders

1) Saves components at start of tape reel.
2) Available for 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 44 mm SMD tapes.
3) Reduce component lost; 500 / 250 pcs box
4) The bond between the Tape Extender and the original cover tape is sufficient toensure that they will not separate, even after prolonged time under tension.

T0184 AI Joint Tape

1) 42 x 22 mm for 3 holes (T0184 A3 brown base paper
T0184 B3 masking base paper)
2) 40 x 32 mm for 6 holes (T0184 B6 brown base paper
T0184 B6 masking base paper)
3) For radial carrier tapes
4) Reduces SMT machine and feeder abrasion without
unloading and reloading the feeder

T0183 Single Splice Tape

1) Colors: yellow (T0183A) blue (T0183B) black (T0183C)
2) 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 mm SMD tapes available
3) Both paper and plastic carrier tapes
4) Economical splicing solution
5) High efficiency joining is accomplished without cutting off the machine.
6) The SMT machine can increase output by 5% - 15%.

T0182 Double splice tape

1) Colors: Yellow (T0182A), Blue (T0182B), Black (T0182C)
2) Sizes: 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 mm
3) The most economical splicing solution
4) Increases efficiency
5) SMD double splice tape for 8 mm component tapes
6) No down times because of accurate joining
7) Tape connectors guarantee perfect and reliable joints in 8 mm
SMD tapes.
8) Joining without any tools or fixtures, with precise pitch spacing,
with convenient pre-cut length

T0181 Single Splice Tape for Siemens Machine

1) Sizes: 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 mm
2) Guarantees precise and secure connections of SMD tapes in taping, picking and placing machines
3) To avoid unnecessary stoppages of picking and placing machines, these SMD connectors provide precise attachment of top and bottom of the two tape ends
4) The cover tape is securely joined and can be peeled off continuously across the joint
Style: roll model and sheet model
T0181A light yellow

Double Splice Tool for large SMD carrier tapes




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