DryCabi Drying & Humidifying cabinets for electronics manufacturing and other professional usage

The Japan-made drying and humidifying cabinets from DryCabi offer excellent solution for storage of your products (inluding SMD compoenents, instruments, and cameras, etc.) at strict humidity levels in the long term. For detailed catalogue please contact with us!

McDry Drying Cabinets- Low humidity for your components!


McDry low-humidity storage cabinets ensure long storage ability at low himidity levels, without the usage of Nitrogen.


Technical data:

MCU-201SE 135 liter, 1 door,   3% RH
MCU-301SE 310 liter, 2 doors, 3% RH
MCU-400 400 liter, 3 doors, 3% RH
DXU-501 600 liter, 3 doors, 1% RH
DXU-1002 1200 liter, 4 doors, 1% RH
DXU-1001 1200 liter, 6 doors, 1% RH


Dr.Storage drying cabinets for Electronics industry

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