Industrial Labels, Label Printers, Barcode readers, Lasermarking systems

We can provide you with the following products in Industrial IDentification area:

  • Industrial Labels for various applications
  • Label Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Automated Laser Marker

Our highly experienced staff is working hard to satisfy the needs of our customers. The requested materials are allocated directly from stock and supplied to customers in an eyeblink. Furthermore we can give advice regarding the special identification cases.

If samples are required please do not hesitate to contact with us here


Label types
Paper / Polyethylen / Polypropylen / Polyester / PVC / Acrylat / Polyimid / Aluminium / Other / Polyurethan / Wärmeleitfolie

Main Category Printer Types
Desktop / Industrial & Commercial / High Performance / Mobile printer / Applicators / ID-Card Solutions
CAB/ZEBRA/BMP/RW/Hover Davis label printers, barcode scanner

Security Printing
Tickets / Security labels / Security print / Finishing

RFID Printing (Radio Frequency Identifikation)
RFID printer / Labels - Tags / Reader / Antennen / Anwenderberichte

Label Systems / Label-material / Labelling / Laser Marking (CAB laser marker and Laser marker TX020)





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